I am a Personal Trainer and  Health & Wellness Coach in Riehen focused on helping English speaking community with their health & fitness goals:

+ truly passionate about fitness + a mum + an advocate for creating an active lifestyle that will change your life forever.

Choosing the right personal trainer is all about finding someone that can connect with you on a personal level. You want a trainer that knows what you’re going through and has conquered the very same challenges you’re facing.

I started getting into fitness at the age of 23 and quickly turned from an unhealthy overweight girl into a strong woman that loves running and living a healthy lifestyle.

With plenty of training experience in the UK, along with ACE Fitness Personal Training, Pre and Postnatal Exercise and a Mind-Body ACE Fitness Specialist qualification, you’re in extremely safe hands with me. ​
As an ACE certified Health & Wellness Coach I help women create healthy habits for lifelong results.

After two kids and three abdominal surgeries I am here to tell you that fitness can be achieved wherever you start from so long you follow doctor’s order and then build your strength back up gradually and correctly.

I want to keep you motivated and excited. I built my services around making the workouts both challenging and fun. You will feel encouraged to push yourself to the limit. As I have been in your shoes before, I know from personal experience what it takes to go through pregnancy and maintain a high level of fitness afterward too. I recognise that everybody has different needs, and my sessions will be catered to help with your specific needs.

The training I offer is all built around keeping you active and healthy at all times. But, there are also built-in training services to help you stay in good physical condition and free from injuries. This includes postural correction exercises to undo all the bad effects of modern life like lower back pain and rounded shoulders.

My training is based on three principles: survival, pilates and good posture


I can guide you safely through a balanced exercise program whether you are a complete beginner, a new mum or already a very fit person.

I believe in passion and I know everyone is capable of beginning a new healthy lifestyle. I will help you stay focused and motivated as long as you promise to stay committed to your goals and do your homework. Yes, regular homework is a part of the deal!

Whatever we do my focus is always on core stability and good posture. I take pride not only in guiding my clients through exercises, but also in teaching them to become independent and be able to exercise safely and effectively on their own.

Please note: I don’t do body building (but of course I have a sound knowledge of anatomy ). I simply do not care about muscle definition here or there. It comes with time even when you don’t try hard.

I teach whole body movements and my training is functional. This means I want you to be able to get up quickly, run fast, lift with confidence, shift safely, jump injury free in multiple directions, climb over and crawl under. Gaining confidence and building super strong core takes time, so we start gently and with fundamentals. As soon as I notice progress, we move to more complex movement patterns, until your body will be able to do quite remarkable things (imagine climbing up and down the stairs in a plank position?)

I do teach this is in nature, in parks and within the city architecture – perfect setting for social distancing rules!
Besides, we don’t live in the gym, so why restrict ourselves to a gym floor?

My most committed clients lost up to 10kg, returned to regular exercise after an injury, switched from very sedentary to very active, sprint uphill with confidence or simply accomplished a 5k run.

It’s never too late to change your life. If you’re ready to change yours, give me a shout. Let’s meet for a personal consultation.