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All-Year-Round Fitness Services in English
in Basel & Riehen


Have you been out in the fresh air today?

Are you lacking energy and struggling to stay fit? Has corona-lockdown and home office impacted your exercise routine? Have years of looking after your children caused back pain and other physical problems? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then my outdoor personal training services are ideal for you. They are tailor-made for people like you that want to make a change to their lifestyle.

My services are designed to prove to you that no matter how busy you think you are, there’s always time for a workout to make you feel good. My fitness programs will take you out in the green and get you moving. Exercise with others like you in your area, get some fresh air while getting fitter and stronger and combat the flabby pounds together.

Earn your daily dose of vitamin D and feel revitalised, healthier and happier!


Fitness Services


My outdoor training services are suitable for different people of varying experience levels. Whether you are looking to shift some weight, maintain your fitness during or after pregnancy or prepare your body for a long healthy and fit life, I can help you.



I offer personal training packages for English speaking people in Riehen and Basel.

My trainings will help you dramatically improve your fitness and shape your body whether you want to train one on one with an experienced personal trainer or in a small group with your friends:

– one-on-one personal training
– couples personal training
– -small groups up to three people


My fitness services for mums are designed to meet the specific needs of pre and postnatal clients, focusing on good posture and core work.

Whether you are looking to maintain your fitness levels during or after pregnancy, you would like to shift some weight or prepare your body for a long healthy and fit life as a mum, I can help you.


I offer a range of outdoor small group classes in Basel and Riehen, led by an experienced personal trainer and suitable for varying fitness levels. My trainings are ideal for you whether you want to focus on functional fitness and build strength or lose weight and increase stamina.

My outdoor fitness classes stay open all year round regardless of the weather.


Papayaya’s Mission


Every service I offer is built around the same goal: to help Riehen/ Basel based English speaking people like you connect, find their way back to a place where they feel comfortable and confident in their body.
Enjoy getting stronger and fitter with the help of an English speaking trainer!

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last exercised, you can always achieve something with the right guidance. So, stop feeling down and unattractive and start being active and feeling fantastic once again.



“Iwona is an incredible trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivated and fun to work with. She has transformed my post baby body. Nothing is to much for her and she goes above and beyond to help you and make you feel that you can do this. I highly recommend her whatever your fitness level is!”

Basel, CH

“I have really enjoyed the training sessions with Iwona. She is an extremely good trainer and very professional in her approach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone a bit older (like myself!) who is looking to get fitter and tone up a somewhat flabby body!”

Southampton, UK

Iwona is the only fitness trainer who got me to stick to my program and see results. She is just the right combination of challenging and relaxed that makes me want to work harder – plus she is excellent company! Cannot recommend her enough

Basel, CH

“Really enjoyed the training sessions i have had at the common, really feel like i’ve exercised properly afterwards unlike at the gym. The workouts Iwona has given me at home really push me as well and i believe if i continue to follow these 3 times a week i will have the toned bikini body i am looking for.”

Southampton, UK

“Even on those days where you feel like you want to cuddle up on a sofa with a pot of tea, Iwona manages to get you excited for her lesson within a heart beat.
I get great tips every session, which I can use at home as well. What I like most about lessons at Papayaya Fitness, is that your weaknesses and strengths are always taken into account. And of course being outdoors.
Every lesson with Iwona gives me energy and makes me feel fitter!

Basel, CH

Iwona is awesome! Energetic and positive and gets you moving!! I’ve loved doing her classes and look forward to doing more in the future. Have no hesitation in recommending her or her programs!”

Basel, CH

About Me

Recently moved to Riehen personal trainer truly passionate about fitness + a mum + an advocate for creating an active lifestyle that will change your life forever.

I am thrilled you are here.

Iwona Schöpflin

ACE Fitness certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
ACE Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Mind-Body Fitness Specialist
Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist