outdoor training in Basel
I offer a range of outdoor training services that are suitable for different people of varying experience levels. Most of all I want you to establish a good straight posture. Whether you are looking to maintain your fitness levels during or after pregnancy, you would like to shift some weight or prepare your body for a long healthy and fit life as a mum, I can help you.
SMALL GROUP FITNESS CLASSES  Combine the social dimension of group fitness with the attention of a personal trainer at affordable price. Get out in the fresh air, be motivated, feel challenged, get stronger and have fun while meeting other mums like you.  Varied outdoor sessions at designed to meet mums’ needs, rebuild the core and fix postural issues.


Pre and Postnatal training programmes will guide you safely through each stage of your pregnancy to help you maintain your fitness level, offset pregnancy discomforts, enhance your well-being and speed up recovery after you’ve had your baby.

These services will focus on posture, aid to shift the baby weight once your baby was born.

PERSONAL TRAINING This is the most personalised experience for you and gives you the chance to train one on one with an experienced personal trainer. You will receive a unique training program that’s built for you as well as a whole host of other great features. Receiving the full attention from me ensures you’ll reach your fitness goals sooner than later.