Papayaya Fitness for Mums at Expat Expo in Basel – what a great day!

We had a great time at Expo on Sunday. Despite the rainy and windy weather in Basel the crowd didn’t disappoint.

A big thank you to Hannah and Tsveti for their help!

Papayaya held the Grand Fitness Raffle with four fantastic prizes to win: 

1st prize: a voucher for 5 free Personal Training sessions in Basel

2nd prize(s): 3 vouchers for 6 group fitness classes at Schützenmattpark.

Congratulations to all the winners!

If you took part in the raffle, make sure you checked your mailbox.

Also don’t forget your 10% Expo discount code on all purchases from

The offer ends this Sunday the 17th of February. 


That Expo event has resulted in some exciting new collaborations. Hopefully, lots of mums around the area will be able to benefit from this opportunity. Papayaya Fitness is going to open more Fit Mama classes for Mums with Prams in front of The Magical Cafe. Watch out for the green area opening in June and enjoy the well deserved cupcakes after a good buggy workout!

We also decided to team up with the Basel Children’s Trust and Papayaya Fitness will soon be ablt offer a discount to all BCT members.

Thank you all for visiting Papayaya’s stand at the Expo!